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Healthy Living for Generation X

Traditions of America is a homebuilder who focuses on the active 55 plus adult and works to provide the most efficient and eco-friendly living environment for their residents.

By Stephanie Ornelas


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Returning with Twenty Years of Excellence

Warmington Residential returns to the Chino Hills marketplace with Crystal View. This community demonstrates the quality and prestige of Warmington Residential.

By Stephanie Consiglio

Sarasota Splendor: The New Custom Green?

In Florida, a waterside home of more than 8,000 square feet is an example of how to be big, beautiful and green.

By Mike Brennan

Energy Efficiency for Colorado Boomers

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods offer easyHouse Designs on ranch homes for aging Boomers.

By Mike Brennan

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Big on Going Green In Small Ways

With new cars, solar power and other major investment options, it's easy to overlook the small things we can do individually to go green. Read more

By Mike Brennan

Are You Solar-Ready?

Perhaps the greatest challenge to community and home design is the Solar-Ready roof. Read more

By Ron Nestor

Creating Excitement with Interior Design

A great model home will help to create excitement. Mary DeWalt explains how effective sales people create value by demonstrating features, room sizes, and orientation. Read more

By Mary DeWalt

Where are the First-Time Homebuyers?

Demographic shifts point to delayed milestones for millennials. This only means homebuilders must adapt to constructing projects based on what the average millennial desires. Read more

By Patrick S. Duffy

The Importance of Awareness for the Water Dilemma

Recycling water is crucial to closing the gap between supply and demand, as is reducing the amount of water passing through urban water systems. Read more

By David Gottfried

Building a Healthy Business

In order to build a healthy establishment, it’s important to provide long-term nourishment to your clients and all who are involved in your network. Read more

By Jamie Clark

Know What Your Green Homeowners Want

Knowing how to market green features to interested homebuyers is an important aspect in green building. Read more

By Kevin Morrow

Going Green Where it Matters Most

Some say the heart of the home is in the kitchen. The tips will help you be energy efficient where it’s most vital. Read more

By Darrill Andries

The Top 5 Underrated Sustainable Design Strategies

These top five underrated green strategies can take your next residential community to a new level of sustainability. Read more

By Benjamin Kasdan

Think You Know the 55-Plus Homebuyer? Think Again

Consider these points when building for the next Generation Y homebuyer. Read more

By Glenn Renner

Green Communities are the Future

The demand for green communities is continuing to grow as more homebuyers are seeing the long-term effects of homes that are economically sound. Read more

By Randy Jackson

Planning and Recovering from the Recession

As we wade out of the dark days of the great recession it is imperative we integrate what is healthy into all that we build. Read more

By Katherine Austin

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