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Championing Energy Efficiency Across the Country

As one of the nation’s top ten homebuilders, Meritage Homes works to raise the bar for sustainable living.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Green Innovation in a Modern Design

WoodCraft Building, Inc has prided themselves on building some of the most energy efficient homes on the market. The Shevlin Commons House is a prime example of their preeminent sustainable practices.

By Marco Martinez

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Alta Verde Takes Modernism Style into Production

Alta Verde Group has taken homebuilding to a new level by creating more upscale architectural homes on smaller lots, and delivers new sustainable building designs.

By Stephanie Consiglio

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Grand Elegance with Green Awareness

Despite opening for business in the middle of the recession, Grand View Builders has ascended to build green, elegant homes in 17 communities in and beyond the Houston area.

By Marco Martinez

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Going Green: A Benefit For All

Realizing the long-tem benefits of building green homes that are economically sound is important when developing new projects.

By Stephanie Ornelas

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Green Homeowner Survey Guides Better Marketing

Knowing how to market green features to interested homebuyers is an important aspect in green building.

By Kevin Morrow

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Green Building Takes on Climate Change

Convincing various parties in the homebuilding industry to adapt to climate change is our best hope for a sustainable planet.

By Patrick S. Duffy

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“Sustainable Urban Ag” Mapping the New Frontier

This article will expand on Part 1—“Sustainable Building Takes a New Direction”, published in Volume 24, Number 3, Issue No. 268 of Builder and Developer.

By Don Neff

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Green Lifestyle Views by Different Generations

The misinterpreted ways that Millennials consider sustainability and green thinking.

By Tony Weremeichik and Alex Lenhoff

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Investing in Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Analyzing the benefits from investments in multifamily energy efficiency.

By Nehemiah Stone

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Fast Approach of Widespread Net Zero

Today’s materials and methods are making it possible for the homebuilding industry to see a future where all homes will one day be Net Zero.

By Amy Dryden

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Gaining Momentum in the Race to Zero

Energy-Ready Homes are within reach just so long as builders have the right tools to achieve them.

By Sam Rashkin

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Building Prefabulous, Environmentally-friendly Homes

In the last ten, the styles and materials for prefab houses have become more sophisticated, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

By Sheri Koones

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Green That Can’t Be Seen

Our existing stock of buildings is a huge opportunity to cut carbon emissions, drive innovation and create new building industry jobs.

By Tim Snyder

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The Importance of going Net-Zero

Evaluating the benefits of building a Net-Zero Energy home for the homebuilder’s perspective.

By Shilpa Sankaran

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B&D Interview

CR Herro, Vice President

Environmental Affairs

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2013 Building Products Brand Survey Winners

The results are in for the 2013 Peninsula Publishing Building Products Brand Survey. These are the products most preferred by the readers of Builder and Developer, Green Home Builder magazines and Builder Bytes.

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