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Articles from our current issue

Camelot Homes Reintroduces High-End Luxury to Northwest Phoenix

Gold Mountain Preserve enters the untapped market for luxury homes with stunning mountain views and a Sonoran desert landscape

By Sergio Flores

Lennar Graces the Southern California Coast with Spacious Homes of Fiore

The community of Fiore brings big, spacious homes a mile and a half away from San Diego beaches

By Jessica Burger

Ashton Woods Combines Southern Living with Trending Design

Ashton Woods announces five move-in ready homes in historic Woodstock

By Tamara Philips

FrontDoor Communities Creates Woodsy Family Living

Copperleaf consists of 24 well-sized single family homes on homesites with large acreage

By Jessica Burger

Departments from our current issue

Big Builders Pursue Move-Up Market

In today’s market, the nation’s biggest builders are going after the equity buyer demographic Read more

By Jessica Burger

Dangerous Temptations and Game Changing Opportunities

What’s at stake and what’s to gain in the merger between Ryland Homes and Standard Pacific Homes Read more

By Doug Wilson

Capturing the Elusive First-Time Home Buyer

Education, focus and efficiency are key Read more

By Patrick S. Duffy

Best Practices for Land and Lot Acquisitions

Sellers want buyers they like and trust, sell yourself and your company as the one they want to deal with Read more

By Greg Vogel

High Demand Pressures Northeast Home Prices

The northeast is generally pricey, but can still be locally affordable Read more

By Kevin Gillen

What 2015 Consumers are Looking for in a New Home

Five features that will attract buyers in most demographic groups Read more

By Dave Liniger

Go Big, Go Home, or Go Rent

In today's market, the Baby Boomers are going big while Millennials go home, or go rent Read more

By Manny Gonzalez

Conquer “Tele-Phobia” for Sales Professionals

Five steps to overcoming a fear of doing business over the phone Read more

By Mary Elliott

The B&D Interview

President of Moen Incorporated since 2007 Read more

David Lingafelter

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