2017 Brand Survey

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The Peninsula Publishing Annual Brand Survey highlights products that homebuilders, purchasing agents, architects, interior designers and residential contractors with a major buying preference most prefer! All completed surveys received will be entered to win!

Results will be published in the late Fall issues of all five magazines, along with the winner's photo and bio. The winner is selected at random.

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Appliances - Ranges / Cooktops Other:
Appliances - Refrigerators Other:
Appliances - Dishwasher Other:
Appliances - Microwave Other:
Kitchen Ventilation Other:
Appliances - Garbage Disposal Other:
Appliances - Outdoor Other:
Appliances - Washer and Dryer Other:
Attic Access Other:
Bathroom Accessories Other:
Bathroom - Tubs/Showers Other:
Bathroom Ventilation Other:
Building Supplies Other:
Cabinets Other:
Central Vacuums Other:
Closets/Organization Systems Other:
Construction/Codes Other:
Countertops - Quartz Other:
Countertops - Solid Surface Other:
Countertops - Laminate Other:
Decking Other:
Deck Fasteners Other:
Doors - Exterior Other:
Doors - Patio Other:
Door Hardware Other:
Door/Window Screens Other:
Doorbells Other:
Electrics Other:
Engineered Wood Other:
Fasteners Other:
Faucets Other:
Fencing Other:
Finance/Title Other:
Fireplace - Mantels Other:
Fireplaces - Gas Other:
Fireplaces - Wood Other:
Flooring - Adhesive Other:
Flooring - Carpet Other:
Flooring - Vinyl Other:
Flooring - Laminate Other:
Flooring - Underlayment Other:
Flooring - Wood Other:
Garage Doors Other:
Drywall/Gypsum Other:
Housewrap/Membrane Other:
Radiant Barrier Other:
Sheathing Other:
HVAC Other:
ICFs Other:
Insulation Other:
Insulation - Rigid Foam Other:
Insulation - Spray Foam Other:
Insulation - Blow In Other:
Lighting Fixtures Other:
Lumber Other:
Mailboxes Other:
Millwork/Trim Other:
Molding Other:
Outdoor Accessories Other:
Paints / Stains Other:
Pavers Other:
Plumbing Other:
Plumbing - Demand System Other:
Railing Other:
Retaining Walls Other:
Roofing Other:
Roofing - Asphalt Other:
Roofing - Tile Other:
Roofing - Vents Other:
Security Other:
Siding - Exterior Other:
Siding - Manufactured Stone Other:
Siding - Stucco Other:
Sinks Other:
SIPs Other:
Shower Drain Other:
Shelter Other:
Smart Home Other:
Software Other:
Solar Other:
Tile - Ceramic Other:
Toilets Other:
Tools - Pneumatic Other:
Tools - Power Other:
Trucks Other:
Utility Other:
Grey Water System Other:
Water Heaters Other:
Water Conditioning Other:
Window/Door Sills Other:
Windows - Metal Other:
Windows - Wood Other:
Windows - Vinyl Other:
Whole House Fans Other:
Weatherproofing Other:


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