5 Outdoor Design Trends

Interested in discovering outdoor trends perfect for embracing the joys of summer—and those better suited for a permanent vacation? We polled design professionals to learn which items they’re removing from their own yards this summer and which ones they believe are ready to shine.

According to Yahoo!,

“As a lawn alternative, I suggest using a biodiverse blend of low-growing plants that also support local pollinators,” Rekola says. “Each region has specific plants for this, so it’s not one size fits all.”

For instance, in California, this might include a creeping ground cover like beach strawberries, while in North Carolina it might include a native grass-like wiregrass.

Rekola loves Microclover because it can work in many different environments.

“Microclover is a nitrogen fixer—growing it improves soil nutrients,” Rekola says. “Microclover can also handle foot traffic and doesn’t turn yellow when exposed to pet pee.”

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