Beat the Housing Inventory Crunch by Building a New Home

Home builders are starting to build more homes for these buyers, which over time can help ease the strain on available homes.

According to Philly Voice, while the timeline for searching for and buying a new home, especially when there are less to choose from, can fluctuate wildly, building a new home can provide more certainty about how long you will have to wait to move in. While weather and other factors can always cause some movement in the new home construction timeline, builders can provide you with a good timeframe to expect. Some builders may even have completed construction on homes that are already available as they develop new communities, sell model homes, or plans change for previous buyers, such as an unexpected job transfer.

On top of that, new home construction gives you more cost certainty. While building a new home is typically more expensive, high existing home prices have narrowed that gap. Building a home with a locked-in price gives you better cost certainty that fits within your budget. Plus, many home builders partner with preferred lenders that know the area, and the quality of the builders’ work, and can work with you directly to find the best financing options for your budget.

Building a new home can also save you money in the short- and long-term by avoiding costly remodels, appliance repairs and other unexpected repairs of older parts of the home.

By working with your builder to make changes to the floorplan and other house configurations you prefer to have, you can have a move-in ready home the way you want it from day one.

Whether building a new, custom home, one in a builder’s community, or buying an existing home is your preference, speak with your local mortgage lender to determine the best way to finance your purchase, including grants and other down payment and closing cost options available to you.

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