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Governors Focus On Affordable Housing

Governors’ State of the State addresses show a bipartisan consensus that the answer, while complicated in implementation, is actually fairly straightforward: Build more housing.

The high cost of housing and what that means for communities is top of mind for Governors, and that concern was evident in the 2023 State of the State addresses Governors delivered from coast to coast.

“When combined with higher interest rates, home affordability has soared out of reach for far too many. The problem cuts across nearly every facet of our society, contributing to homelessness and limiting our ability to expand our workforce.” – Maine Governor Janet Mills

“It’s a difficult irony of having a strong economy. Well-paid workers flock here for jobs, forcing lower-paid workers to compete for housing. When there’s not enough housing for all, rents and prices skyrocket beyond what many can afford.” – Washington Governor Jay Inslee

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