Designers Say Minimalism Is Out. Here’s What They’re Loving Instead

Characterized by clean lines, neutral tones, and a focus on simplicity, minimalist design has been prominent in interior trends of late. Imagine kitchens in pristine white with marble countertops, bedrooms adorned in muted hues with off-white bedding, and living rooms featuring cream sofas and sparse wall decorations.

According to Good Housekeeping, the designers we spoke to say renters and homeowners alike are craving old-world charm through antiques, reupholstery and handcrafted decor — all of which happen to be environmentally friendly choices, too.

Another reason for the death of minimalism? The impact COVID-19 had on home design. “People were in their homes so much that the mindset shifted to really investing in our spaces,” says Storms. “Even when people started traveling again and returning to the office, the idea of a comfortable home remained.”

In place of minimalism, what interior styles are trending?
As the desire for personalized spaces filled with color, texture and unique details grows, homeowners are embracing maximalist, eclectic and vintage home styles. That translates to mismatched furniture sets, moody paint colors, natural woods and vibrant patterns.

“Clients are looking for more adult spaces when it comes to entertaining,” says Storms. “Places that have design and style, but that your kids can also live in without worry. People also crave homes that reflect themselves. They want to mix in treasures from travels and relatives.”

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