6 Design Choices Pros Regret Using in Clients’ Homes (and How They Fixed Them)

Our homes are dynamic environments. As our tastes evolve, we may outgrow things we once cherished, and designers are no exception to this.

According to Yahoo, dark paint colors are often seen as a little bolder and riskier than neutrals. If done well, they can create spectacular spaces that are slightly edgy and unique.

Elissa Hall, the founder and lead designer of EDH Interiors, knows it’s possible, but lighting definitely needs to be considered.

“I recall a project where we used a deep navy blue in a small, poorly lit living room,” she says. “The result was a space that felt cramped and gloomy rather than cozy.”

Now, she always tests paint samples in various lighting situations and encourages homeowners and designers to do the same.

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