“Outdated” Home Design Trends That Are Wayyy Better Than Modern Day Trends

Homes have lost their vibrant colors. These muted, gray houses are dull and lack imagination and style. I want to see patterns, bright colors, and unique accents I never imagined. Interior design is art, and it feels like we’ve forgotten that.

According to Buzzfeed,

1. “Walls. Walls need to come back. No more open floor plans. I don’t want to be able to hear everything going on in my house at all times.”

“ROOMS. Open floor plans are so loud. Everything echoes, and kitchen smells get everywhere. Please stop ‘renovating’ older homes and open everything up. We’re potentially looking to move in the next few years, and if I’ve seen a house open the kitchen up for no reason, that is not a house we will consider. … I don’t want my house to be one big space.”

“I have always loved the look of an accent wall. Whether it be a solid color or a pattern, I feel like it gives the room personality, especially if it matches the rest of your decor.”

“I added accent walls to most rooms in my house; I like how they make a focal point. It’s also just paint, it ain’t no big deal to ‘fix’ if I ever sell. Homes need to go back to being for the family living in them to enjoy. Too often, people are concerned about retail value and how ‘sellable’ their aesthetic choices are. Live in the now, and stop worrying about that. Chances are, even in its most neutral state, it’s not going to have perfect mass appeal anyways.”

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