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Women in Construction Is at an All Time High

More than 1.24 million are now a part of the construction industry as of 2021 and are continuously growing. This means that women now make up about 11% of the construction workforce. This growth is due to the efforts of many local HBAs, NAHB members and community groups. Due to these groups, younger women are now showing an increased interest in joining construction. 

At the “Construct Your Future” event hosted by Professional Women in Building, they saw about 50 young women from six different schools. The event gave the opportunity to these students to engage professional women builders and see what it is like to work in construction. The event was a huge success that now it is in the works of becoming an annual affair in hopes of welcoming more women into the construction workforce. 

According to the National Association of Home Builders, earlier this year, the BACP’s Professional Women in Building (PWB) council and Penn State held a “Construct Your Future” event to promote women in the trades. The day-long career-development workshop hosted nearly 50 students from six different high schools and trade schools in the area. During the event, the students engaged with professional women builders who also gave presentations to the attendees to illustrate what it’s like working in construction and what they enjoy most.

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